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Virtual Forum of the LMU China Academic Network

11 13th , 2020




05 19th , 2020

陈勇民(Yongmin Chen)是美国科罗拉多大学(University of Colorado Boulder)经济学终身教授和Provost讲席教授。陈勇民教授是一位专长于产业组织学(产业经济学)的著名经济学家,其研究领域包括价格理论,纵向产业结构,创新与知识产权,竞争政策,法与经济学,以及国际贸易的产业组织。他在这些和其它经济学领域发表了许多有广泛影响的论文,在产业组织学领域享有重要国际声誉,曾于2013-2019年期间担任International Journal of Industrial Organization主编,现担任RAND Journal of Economics副主编。


AFR Seminar:The Effects of Legalizing Open Market Share Repurchases:International Evidence

03 19th , 2019

To causally identify the effects of legalizing the open market share repurchases on firm value and behaviors, we construct a unique dataset of 38 countries’ deregulation laws and utilize the yearly variation across the international market on the restrictions for identification. We first find that the legalization increases firm value and decreases firms’ cash holding. We then investigated several channels that firms may spend cash, and find that the legalization significantly reduces capital ex


Seminar: How Investors Can Beat the Market: A Master Class by ESSEC Business School

03 12th , 2019

Do index funds really outperform fund managers? Studies have shown that beating the market turns out to be even harder than we thought. As a result, the notion that investors are better off investing in market indexes instead of hiring fund managers to run their investment portfolios has gained much traction in recent years. With fund managers charging higher fees than index funds, the returns for active investors can be lower. Smart Beta is a new investment strategy that aims to capture return


The School of Economics is Coming to AEA Annual Meeting for Talents Recruitment

11 20th , 2018

The online application portal is now open, please submit your application here by November 20


AFR Seminar: Growth Through Inter-sectoral Knowledge Linkages

10 19th , 2018



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