School of Economics, Zhejiang University - University of Cambridge 2022 Summer Camp

by , 2022-09-15

With the continuous evolution of globalization, international exchange plays an indispensable role in broadening students' horizon and deepening their professional knowledge. From July 26 to August 10 2022, School of Economics of Zhejiang University host the online program Fintech and Science Technology Summer Camp taught by professors from University of Cambridge. Course topics range from western philosophy, art and history, big data and artificial intelligence, to global industrial chain and green finance.

Professor David Stillwell explained how big data can be used to analyze consumer’s behavior and personalized needs, and make decisions. He used the website “Mentimeter” to interact with students. Participants were asked to rate the probability that a person who used a particular word would pay back the money. The results were interesting. Borrowers who said "god" or "promise" were less likely to pay back the money, giving students the impression that data is becoming an increasingly important tool, the possibility of combining technology with finance is huge.

In the courseEconomic Impact of Leadership taught by Professor Maurice Yearwood, students were taught the economics of leadership, five qualities of leaders and the training methods of leadership. In response to students' questions in class, Professor Maurice sincerely offeredpractical suggestions - “don't be overly humble, show yourself confidently and communicate with superiors actively".

Professor Jostein Hauge from the Department of Politics and International Studies of University of Cambridgetaught the course on green finance,green industrial development and international trade.


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