Center for Research of Private Economy, Zhejiang University
Date2010-11-17 22:56

With the support and concern from National Ministry of education, Center for Research of Private Economy, Zhejiang University (CRPE) is an academic and policy research organization approved by Zhejiang University and established in the year of 2002, which is the first one in China’s universities that focus on the researches of private economy. In 2004, CRPE has turned into a national key humanities and social science research center (the only one in private economy research) recognized by the Ministry of Education and national philosophy and social science innovation base(I type) in “China’s Private Economy Research” .
Taking “grounded in practice and creation of academic summit” as guiding principle, and research of cases of Zhejiang where private economy is booming as point of departure, CRPE will extend the academic perspective to the phenomena of private economy within the country. It is devoted to analyze, in the mode of standard method and analytical instruments in modern economics, the law for the growth of private enterprises in our country and management schemes. It will also engage itself in organizing national and international academic exchanges in the area of private economy researches, in order to improve the theoretical and practice level of research on China’s private economy. It will also be involved in the development of close contact with private enterprises and government departments. Through high-quality research of frontier issues in China’s private economy, the academies will offer quality research achievements and service in decision analysis for the public, enterprises and government departments.
Since its establishment, CRPE executes active frontier theory research, academic survey and exchange by way of innovation in mechanism to integrate a top level research team at home and abroad. It has undertaken a series of National level Key projects such as “Private Economy and System Innovation”, a “Tenth Five-year Plan” and “211 Project”, and “China’s Private Economy Research”, a National “985 Project” second-phase project, together with international joint research programs, thus forming a variety of high standard research achievements and academic brands.
In 2009, CRPE has been recommended by Outlook Weekly as “China’s Major Decision Consultancy Research Organization”, and has won a high evaluation of “China’s first-rate private economy research and consultancy agency”.